Jonathan Tebes

Welcome to my homepage!

I am an Assistant Research Professor of Economics in the Economics Department at the University of Notre Dame and the Wilson Sheehan Lab for Economic Opportunity (LEO). In May 2022, I received a Ph.D. in Economics from Harvard University, where I was advised by Lawrence Katz, Edward Glaeser, Andrei Shleifer, and Desmond Ang.

I work primarily on topics in labor, policing, education, discrimination, and criminal justice. My research broadly examines how to identify and close social and racial opportunity gaps in the U.S. My job market paper explores whether police stops (1) prevent neighborhood crime, (2) affect high school dropout rates, and (3) are implemented in a racially-equitable manner.

I have also examined the impact of police violence on civic engagement. In ongoing research, we are evaluating EMPath's Mobility Mentoring program which seeks to help public housing residents achieve economic self-sufficiency through individualized mentoring and small financial incentives. In a separate project, we are evaluating Thread -- an innovative mentoring program that pairs 9th grade Baltimore public school students whose GPAs rank in the bottom 25% to a ``family" of up to five volunteers committed to providing customized support that helps their student overcome whatever obstacles they face.

I'm also a Stone Scholar in Harvard's Inequality & Social Policy Program, an NSF Graduate Research Fellow, and a Horowitz Foundation Awardee.

If you'd like to learn more about me, you can find my CV here.

If you'd like to connect, shoot me an email at jtebes at